Alien Bloom installation series 2011-2018: My Yard, Colors Insulting To Nature, Brooklyn Nights, Bloom On The Edge, East Village Bloom, Black Light Bloom, If I Could I Would I Should.


   Alien Bloom Is an ongoing collaborative Installation by Eteri Chkadua and Gocha Chkadua. It represents the fictional Alien Garden, with a view of an hallucinatory landscape created with oil paintings, objects, handwritten letters, photos, lights, video and sculptural “alien" flora.

In this project, Eteri — a first generation Georgian immigrant — investigates and narrates the psychological development of children in Third World countries, and how immigration affects their perception of place and belonging. The paintings explore themes of memory, fantasy and displacement. Each painting has a diaristic quality that grapples with the psychological impositions of being a refugee, but offers a hallucinatory migration.

The paintings are set among the "alien flora” — hand made by collaborator Gocha Chkadua. This is a post-industrial landscape, constructed from tossed-out plastic containers collected from neighborhoods around the world. The collected plastic containers are meticulously manipulated in order to illustrate how the transformation of disposable objects can transport one to a world of possibilities.

The installation as a whole is a space for an ontological celebration that represents the transformation of the crude excrement of society. Alien Bloom is an ongoing project that generates inquiry about humanity and sustainability in addition to providing a place, both real and imagined, for the cast-away .



If I Could I Would I Should,  2017 - 2018

Alien Bloom Since January, 2015 - 2017