Photoshop rendering

Alien Bloom 2014 , installation view at  GGrippo's art+design

Alien Bloom 2015

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MY YARD, COLORS INSULTING TO NATURE, BLOOM ON THE EDGE, ALIEN BLOOM, EAST VILLAGE BLOOM, MICHIGAN NIGHTS, BROOKLYN NIGHTS. Designed and hand made by Gocha Chkadua using discarded bottles from classic Georgian mineral waters, cooking oils, beer, yogurt, champoos and household cleaning products collected in New York, Montreal (Canada), Lensing (Michigan), Tbilisi (Georgia), Baku (Azerbaijan). These Installations offer the post-industrial as landscape, constructed from tossed-out plastic containers collected from around a typical neighborhood. This representation of garbage is an ironic representation of the discarded. In this installations of "Lost Paradise", all resources are marshalled, modelled, and put to use to illustrate the transformation of disposable objects, objects otherwise unnoticed crafted into an endless aesthetic exploration. Here is a space of endless ontological celebration. It is a private "Garden of Melancholy" and an existential testing-ground for caring for "others" --- cast away from humanity --- the crude excrement of society transformed. Written by David Andriadze, professor of Art and philosophy at the State University.