Eteri Chkadua lives and works in New York and Kingston (Jamaica) EDUCATION 1988 MFA, Tbilisi Academy of Arts, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia 1987-1988 Department of Mural Painting, Tbilisi Academy of Arts 1981-1986 Department of Fashion Design, Tbilisi Academy of Arts TEACHING EXPERIENCE 1996 Visiting Professor of Painting, Drawing and Composition, Graduate Program, NY 1990 Artist in Residence and Visiting Professor, University of California, Department of Fine Arts and College of Creative Studies, Santa Barbara, CA SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2018 "Eteri Chkadua" (upcoming) Retrospective exhibition, MOMA, Tbilisi , Georgia; 2017 "Alien Bloom" collaborative Installation with Gocha Chkadua , Longhouse reserve, East Hampton, NY; 2016 "Since January" , collaborative Installation with Gocha Chkadua , Consulate of Georgia , New York; 2015 "Anonymous ", Europa House, Tbilisi, Georgia; 2014 "The Book" , Gala Gallery , Tbilisi , Georgia; 2013 "An Unusual Exhibition", Museum of Literature, Tbilisi, Georgia; 2013 "Bloom On The Edge", Installation for the Kingston On the Edge, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies; 2013 "Selvatica " , The Pool NYC Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico; 2012 "Colors Insulting To Nature ", Collaborative installation with Gocha Chkadua ; 2012 Eteri Chkadua Paintings, The POOL NYC Gallery, Bolognia, Italy; 2011 Eteri Chkadua Paintings, Museum of Dolls, Tbilisi Georgia; 2009 “Remembering heroes”, Theatre of National Music, Tbilisi, Georgia; 2009 Luna Kulturhus Konsthallen, Sodertaljie, Sweden; 2007 La Biennale di Venezia, Georgian Pavillion, Venice, Italy; 2005 Corridor Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; 2004 Casas Reigner Gallery, Miami, FL; 2004 Sperone Westwater, New York, NY; 1995 Art Chicago, Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago, IL; 1990 Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago, IL; GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2017 "VITEL TONNE", The POOL NYC gallery , Palazzo Cesari-Marchesi, Venice, Italy; 2015 "ART 3 AM" , Sonchino, Italy 2015 "OPEN 18" , Venice, Italy 2015 "60 Americans " , Elga Wimmers gallery , NYC , Curated by Noah Becker, Terrence Sanders & Alexander Venet; 2015 "A Palace With A View" The Pool NYC Gallery , Palazzo Cesari Marchesi , Venice, Italy; 2014 "Alien Bloom" , collaborative installation with Gocha Chkadua, GGrippo's art+design, Brooklyn, NY; 2014 "Water Tank Project ", New York, NY; 2014 "Neighbors", Istanbul Modern Museum, Istanbul, Turkey; 2013 "Wide Shot", The POOL NYC Gallery, Venice, Italy; 2012 Portraits /Self -Portraits From The 16-Th to the 21-Th Century, Sperone Westwater Gallery, New York, NY; 2012 En Plein Air, Stux Gallery, New York, NY; 2010 Scope Art Fair NY, The Pool NYC, New York; 2010 Zacheta National Gallery, Warsaw, Poland; 2009 Gender check, MuMok, Vienna, Austria; 2009 L’exposition géorgienne d’art contemporain, Château de Saint Auvent en Limousin, France; 2009 Open 12, Lido, Venice, Italy; 2008 Kingston on the Edge, Kingston, Jamaica; 2001 “Art and Politics”, Tribe, New York, N; 2001 “Dumbo Double Deuce”, Brooklyn, NY; 1999 “Nude” Aldredge Museum, Connecticut; 1997 Upton gallery, Buffalo State college Museum of Art and Archeology, University of Missouri, Missouri; 1997 “Kitchen”, New York, NY; 1997 “Reversing the Gaze,” Indiana University (Northwest) Museum, Indiana; 1997 “From Georgia to Georgia,” International Art Exhibition, Atlanta, GA; 1996 Art Chicago, Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago, IL; 1995 Vrej Baghoomian Gallery, New York, NY; 1994 Art Chicago, Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago, IL; 1990 Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago, IL; SELECTED AWARDS 1998 Creative time grant 1997 New York Foundation for the Arts grant 1994 Pollock-Krasner Foundation grant